Mobility Car Sharing Car in Geneva

What is Mobility Car Share?

Mobility Car Sharing in SwitzerlandHello from the other side.

Let’s say we don’t want to do trains, can’t afford to buy a car yet or we don’t need it all the time. May I present this cool solution service called ‘Mobility Car Share’. Basically, the name says it all, you share the car.

How does Mobility Car Share work?

Well, firstly you have to register, you receive 4 months trial before paying an annual subscription.   But as soon as you get this sorted, flexibility, here it comes! Exciting!!

Mobility Car Sharing Car in Geneva

The best is to explain by example. On weekends I need to go to France for grocery shopping (It is much cheaper there and you get to buy Marmite!) and so I only need the car for two hours. In the nut shell, I go to my app, book a car for the time I need then pick up a car and off I go! It is that simple. I am lucky enough to have 3 different Mobility car stations within walking distance of my home.  

A step by step explanation of how Mobility Car Share works is here.

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