The Best Places to Get Coffee in Geneva

I have a confession to make: I am a coffee snob.

This goes with the New Zealander territory. After all, the flat white – a double shot of espresso topped with velvety milk – was invented in New Zealand.

 (Although Australians are trying to lay claim to it – it’s like the pavlova controversy all over again!). 

And trust me, once you’ve tasted a flat white, it’s hard to go back to other coffees. 

Luckily for caffeine starved kiwis, there are a handful of places in our fair town which do good – or even great – coffees. Here’s my pick of the best places to get coffee in Geneva.


Located near Plainpalais, this cafe is perfect for brunch (oh yes, they do brunch), then an afternoon browsing the record store, picking up a bargain at the Plainpalais markets, or exploring the art gallery. Birdies was one of the first places in Geneva which really felt like home for me.

Their flat whites tend a little towards the hot end of the temperature spectrum, but they go down a treat with their signature birdie brekkie 


Boreal is a wee chain of stores. For a quick caffeine fix, try the Boreal near Gare Cornivan – sit outside on a summer’s day and watch the world go by. For a light meal, head to the branch in Stand, where you can order a bagel or wrap with your coffee 


I’ve had one too many burned coffees at Starbucks to fully recommend it. When Expatladies meet for coffees, I usually grab a chai tea latte, which are genuinely delicious and make a change from my usual flat whites!

When all else fails, do it yourself

We have an areopress at home, and it makes great coffee. While our kitchen doesn’t have the same atmosphere as a trendy cafe, some days I like to think it comes pretty close. 

Help a kiwi out – where do you think are the best places to get coffee in Geneva? I’m always looking for new cafes to explore! 

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